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Films became a key element in the branding campaigns of Superdik, and their production is a rollercoaster ride. After sipping jägerbombs with media guru Tijs Nederlof one night in 2012, we got the idea to create our first promotion video for Superdik. The only goal was to create a non-conventional brand video with the subject of the new God Rave the Queen shirt. After a few days of shooting and skating, we got the following result : 

Superdik 7 - God Rave de Queen from Superdik on Vimeo.


After weeks of brainstorming for our new shirt in August 2012 we wrote a script for a promo video for our Rock Paper Scissors t-shirt. The concept involved a real-life battle between all the customers of this edition, playing a game with their t-shirts. The video included: 

  • Special effects made by a document scanner 
  • An Australian voice over
  • A piece of Italian history 
  • Appearance of cult hero, and father figure Chuck Norris


Check it out! 

Superdik 8 - rock, paper, scissors! from superdik on Vimeo.




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