The Superdik Story

What is Superdik? 

The Superdik team is determined to spread happiness through the medium of clothing. We create engaging, witty and high-quality ready-to-wear pieces of art that serve as ideal conversation & experience starters. We launch a new product on the first monday of the month, kicked off at 12:00PM by the serenade of the Dutch air alarm. 

Why does Superdik exist? 

We don't think clothing only solves the problem of being born naked. We believe that clothing can be a powerful medium to bring people together too. In times of Angry Birds, Bose headsets and Whatsapp we tend to be device focused. This means that we are less open for those crazy serendipitous encounters on airplanes, in waiting lines and dodgeball tournaments. We make pieces of clothing that spark those encounters and experiences. Only for the crazy cats, wizards and blackbelts of this society. 



What an amazing name!

Thanks. Two things you should know about our name which was created in a tree-house somewhere in West Siberia: 
1. Superdik is Dutch slang for 'super-awesome', it literally means 'super-fat'. 
2. We didn't know that we would ever sell one shirt across Dutch borders. But we love to make bad jokes involving our brand name - Superdik: that's what she said. 


Did you guys achieve a-ny-thing? 

Yes, but we are not satisfied until we grab an Oscar for best movie or a Nobel price for global happiness. But a few highlights of our pursuit of happiness are: 

  • We initiated a world-wide Rock Paper Scissors epidemic
  • Our shirts initiated 12 long lasting romantic affairs
  • We gave the joke "that's what she said" a resurrection
  • We found Waldo, he owns three shirts
  • The Chuck is our advisor, mentor and yoda
  • We received 577 compliments and 29 high fives over the course of last year
  • We got 1 parking ticket of a friendly cop 





Our potential oscar speech

It's not about us. It's not about our clothing.
Superdik is about the people that wear it. 
Customers, fans, kindred spirits.
They live, rock and rule our brand.
We are only here 
To give them epic conversation- and experience starters
To let them interact, engage and love,
And make this planet the crazy creative place it is.

This Oscar is yours.