de ALL-I-WANT-for-Christmas



de ALL-I-WANT-for-Christmas


Kaarten hieronder

This is the glove for the one you love. Give this want (glove in Dutch) to the person you want to surprise for Christmas. Made from Nepalese Yak wool.


This is the ideal present for your undercover lover, yoga mattie or mother in-law.  

Really big surprise:

Give the gloves anonymously. We provide a postcard that provides hints about the giver. Drop this postcard together with the gloves underneath the Christmas tree, or through the mailbox of your beloved one. Smiles guaranteed.  


1. Yak wool on the outside & fleece on the inside 

2. Emergency cord (Anti-loss technology)



+ the gloves come in a guys and girls size 

+ the gloves come in two colorways: grey and red & white 

Small letters: 

Price: €19,95