• Thank You Very Muts!
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Thank You Very Muts!

The special thing about this latest Superdik edition is that you can't actually buy it for yourself. This time of the year it's all about giving. So start thinking about who you think deserves to have this muts, because you have to give it, to get it.

Come again? 

That's right, you can only get a beanie by giving one away to your BFF, partner or curling-buddy. Once you've done this and said the words: "I'm a giver", we will give you one for yourself too. Thank you very muts!


What's the deal? 

+ Every package contains a blue and a red beanie. You decide which one you give, and which one you keep

+ The beanies have a two-sided Superdik label: you can wear our logo or the monkey

+ The beanies are so hot that we ship them in an olds-cool freezer bag.

+ Price of the package: €25,- plus shipping (€2,50 NL / €5,00 Worldwide)




  • Eric San Giorgi 2