• The Superdik Alarm
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The Superdik Alarm


We're getting close: The new Superdik is approaching planet Earth. Only one week to go!  

Every first Monday of the month at 12:00 o'clock we'll drop a bomb of a new product. The grand premiere will be on February 3rd with the launch of Superdik 10 (finally, double digits!), with new editions following every first Monday after that. From now on, 'that time of the month' will be something to look forward to. And with the Superdik alarm sounding all around The Netherlands, you're guaranteed not to miss it.

Btw, don't let all the tough-talk about 'bombs' and 'alarms' trick you. Despite making explosively awesome stuff (we hope), Superdik is still a pacifist bunch. You know, 'make t-shirts, not war'.

Peace out!


ps. can't wait? shotgun a t-shirt in advance:  http://superdik.com/products/secret-superdik-10



  • Mr. Superdik