Het Superdikke nablijvers t-shirt

Knikker pro's en mooiste meisjes van de klas, 

Beschuit met muisjes op het menu, want deze maand gaan we terug in de tijd. Terug naar de jaren dat we nog kleine bandieten waren op het schoolplein. Waterpistolen, skelters en sneakers met klittenband. 

Elk schooljaar begon vroeger met een puike schoolfoto. Even met z’n allen lachen naar de vogel. Aangezien het 1 September is, is het dus tijd om jullie allen op de gevoelige plaat te zetten. Wij presenteren met grote trots "het grote nablijvers t-shirt” 

Hoe werkt dit alles? 

  1. Jij koopt het shirt via www.superdik.com
  2. Jij stuurt ons een foto van je eigen hoofd naar info@superdik.com 
  3. Wij photoshoppen je in een hilarische nablijvers pasfoto 
  4. Wij printen deze meesterwerkjes op het t-shirt met een full color A3 print. 
  5. Jij bent de rockstar van je eigen t-shirt! Big pimping op het schoolplein

De kleine letters: 

  • Financiële kosten: 35 euro knikkers (gratis verzending in NL) 
  • Man- & vrouw t-shirts verkrijgbaar  (zelfde fit als vorige edities) 
  • Verzend datum: 23 september 
  • Verkoop sluit 10 september  


Het Superdikke Nablijvers T-shirt from superdik on Vimeo.


Superdik Packaging

We believe in product packaging that makes you very hungry for the product inside. 

Some examples of our packaging include: 


The That's What She Said Sweater - shipped in pizza calzone boxes (the best is on the inside) 

The "Thank You Very Muts" - shipped in a freezer bag

The Sicknature - shipped in hand spray painted boxes 

+ The Superdikzak - shipped in cat-bakkies (kat in 't bakkie) 

The Superduck - shipped in cake packages. The day you receive your own Superduck is by far better than your birthday. 


The Vetklep -  shipped in "Olieboll sackjes"  


Superdik 10 - Sick Nature

Everyone has an inner monkey. The part of you that wants to wear a costume all-day, take a train to Timbuktu or make a mixtape of your shower acapellas. Although you can't escape your career, politics and taxes, you should still pursue daily adventures. Just follow your sick nature and get this party started! With this in mind, we proudly present the Superdik 10. With this edition we want to make a collective pledge for pursuing our dreams. And what is better than signing this pledge on your own t-shirt? 


Exhibit 1: 



Exhibit 2:

Exhibit 3: 



The Superdik Alarm


We're getting close: The new Superdik is approaching planet Earth. Only one week to go!  

Every first Monday of the month at 12:00 o'clock we'll drop a bomb of a new product. The grand premiere will be on February 3rd with the launch of Superdik 10 (finally, double digits!), with new editions following every first Monday after that. From now on, 'that time of the month' will be something to look forward to. And with the Superdik alarm sounding all around The Netherlands, you're guaranteed not to miss it.

Btw, don't let all the tough-talk about 'bombs' and 'alarms' trick you. Despite making explosively awesome stuff (we hope), Superdik is still a pacifist bunch. You know, 'make t-shirts, not war'.

Peace out!


ps. can't wait? shotgun a t-shirt in advance:  http://superdik.com/products/secret-superdik-10



Thank You Very Muts!

The special thing about this latest Superdik edition is that you can't actually buy it for yourself. This time of the year it's all about giving. So start thinking about who you think deserves to have this muts, because you have to give it, to get it.

Come again? 

That's right, you can only get a beanie by giving one away to your BFF, partner or curling-buddy. Once you've done this and said the words: "I'm a giver", we will give you one for yourself too. Thank you very muts!


What's the deal? 

+ Every package contains a blue and a red beanie. You decide which one you give, and which one you keep

+ The beanies have a two-sided Superdik label: you can wear our logo or the monkey

+ The beanies are so hot that we ship them in an olds-cool freezer bag.

+ Price of the package: €25,- plus shipping (€2,50 NL / €5,00 Worldwide)




Superdik 9 - Banana Shares

Here is the New Superdik

This time we are not selling t-shirts, we are selling shares.

Monkeys seek to fulfill their sole purpose, which is to enjoy life. Chilling in the trees, eating bananas and doing jungle gymnastics is not a bad way of spending your time on this planet. 

The human species seems to forget this good ol' jungle mentality because money became a life goal instead of bananas. And what did money bring us? In our opinion not anything good: financial crisis, Global Warming and Justin Bieber. 



Therefore we want to bring back the monkey in business, we want to build a company upon the values of our friends from the jungle.  

To get our monkey business started we are asking the help of our community to buy a symbolic ‘banana’ share (banaandeel) in our company. With your help we can be the first banana funded company in the history of human kind.

When you buy a banana share (35 euro's per share) you will get: 

  • 1 Symbolic Share in Superdik*
  • 1 Superdik banana shirt 
  • 1 Monkey inside your sleeve
  • Invitation to banana shareholders meeting
  • Signature of Chuck Norris and mr. Superdik


Every shirt is armed with a monkey in the sleeve: your guardian. 


This edition we are offering both a girl- and a guy version of the t-shirt, your pet has to wait for the next edition. 

This edition is printed on high quality garments made by our friends from Continental Clothing. The t-shirt comes in two colors: 

  1. Galactica Blue with speckles
  2. Epic Cream with speckles


We would feel honored if you would consider investing in our startup. With your money we can build our brand, get our own custom supplier and create even cooler products. For only 35 euro's you will be a symbolic shareholder in Superdik for life! You can order a banana share here: Banana Shares for Sale




Back in Monkey Business

We are back in monkey business

Superdik is planning a come-back after being off-the-radar for nearly a year. Living on a deserted island with an unlimited supply of good wines and French cheese gave us the inspiration for a whole new direction for our brand. So get ready for our newest product this Friday (the 23rd of August). 

Our new team

We can proudly announce our newest dream-team formation, ready to rock: 

Eric San Giorgi aka Mr. Superdik is the creative godfather of the brand, always down to get the creative juices flowing. After half a year of traveling the Wild Wild West of the USA he is ready to rock the Dutch apparel industry. 

Jonas Linders aka Harvey Spector will be the new managing partner at Superdik. With a love for numbers and bananas this guy will be the foundation of our monkey business

Tijs Nederlof aka Mr Scorcese has been grand slamming all of our promo video's. With Chuck Norris as a role model, Tijs pushes the world down when he does push-ups. 

+ Fons Stevens aka 'the' Fonz has been supporting us with sweet copy for our film, and also proved himself as a light man: a true asset to the team. 

Hugo van der Kun aka Creative Luke Skywalker is Superdik's creative backbone. Crazy as a train! 


The Office: 

After years of working in university libraries, Irish pubs and mini golf courses it was time for a fresh working spot for our team. We found a great jungle spot in the middle of Amsterdam. A luxurious office with no lightning, carpet or electric power gives us the good working spirit! 


The new logo: 

A fresh start deserves a fresh logo. We created this jungle logo with Illustrator rockstar Christine Herrin, who is based in San Francisco. This kick-ass typeface will be printed on a lot of garments next few years!