• Superdik 9 - Banana Shares
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Superdik 9 - Banana Shares

Here is the New Superdik

This time we are not selling t-shirts, we are selling shares.

Monkeys seek to fulfill their sole purpose, which is to enjoy life. Chilling in the trees, eating bananas and doing jungle gymnastics is not a bad way of spending your time on this planet. 

The human species seems to forget this good ol' jungle mentality because money became a life goal instead of bananas. And what did money bring us? In our opinion not anything good: financial crisis, Global Warming and Justin Bieber. 



Therefore we want to bring back the monkey in business, we want to build a company upon the values of our friends from the jungle.  

To get our monkey business started we are asking the help of our community to buy a symbolic ‘banana’ share (banaandeel) in our company. With your help we can be the first banana funded company in the history of human kind.

When you buy a banana share (35 euro's per share) you will get: 

  • 1 Symbolic Share in Superdik*
  • 1 Superdik banana shirt 
  • 1 Monkey inside your sleeve
  • Invitation to banana shareholders meeting
  • Signature of Chuck Norris and mr. Superdik


Every shirt is armed with a monkey in the sleeve: your guardian. 


This edition we are offering both a girl- and a guy version of the t-shirt, your pet has to wait for the next edition. 

This edition is printed on high quality garments made by our friends from Continental Clothing. The t-shirt comes in two colors: 

  1. Galactica Blue with speckles
  2. Epic Cream with speckles


We would feel honored if you would consider investing in our startup. With your money we can build our brand, get our own custom supplier and create even cooler products. For only 35 euro's you will be a symbolic shareholder in Superdik for life! You can order a banana share here: Banana Shares for Sale




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