• Back in Monkey Business
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Back in Monkey Business

We are back in monkey business

Superdik is planning a come-back after being off-the-radar for nearly a year. Living on a deserted island with an unlimited supply of good wines and French cheese gave us the inspiration for a whole new direction for our brand. So get ready for our newest product this Friday (the 23rd of August). 

Our new team

We can proudly announce our newest dream-team formation, ready to rock: 

Eric San Giorgi aka Mr. Superdik is the creative godfather of the brand, always down to get the creative juices flowing. After half a year of traveling the Wild Wild West of the USA he is ready to rock the Dutch apparel industry. 

Jonas Linders aka Harvey Spector will be the new managing partner at Superdik. With a love for numbers and bananas this guy will be the foundation of our monkey business

Tijs Nederlof aka Mr Scorcese has been grand slamming all of our promo video's. With Chuck Norris as a role model, Tijs pushes the world down when he does push-ups. 

+ Fons Stevens aka 'the' Fonz has been supporting us with sweet copy for our film, and also proved himself as a light man: a true asset to the team. 

Hugo van der Kun aka Creative Luke Skywalker is Superdik's creative backbone. Crazy as a train! 


The Office: 

After years of working in university libraries, Irish pubs and mini golf courses it was time for a fresh working spot for our team. We found a great jungle spot in the middle of Amsterdam. A luxurious office with no lightning, carpet or electric power gives us the good working spirit! 


The new logo: 

A fresh start deserves a fresh logo. We created this jungle logo with Illustrator rockstar Christine Herrin, who is based in San Francisco. This kick-ass typeface will be printed on a lot of garments next few years!

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